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could not see the faces of one another for three days ; the noise
caused by the explosion of the bombs, and several other sounds
such as bhada-bhada-dham-dham of the carts, dhada-dhada-
dhada of the sargolies, sara-sara-sara, sura-sura-sura, and the
cata-cata-cata, catal of the musquetary, and swish of the
living bullets (filled the atmosphere). The sepoys were engaged
in a continuous hand to hand fight in one place for three
days.5" The Karnataka forces distinguished themselves by
thtj exhibition of considerable braveryf. Then, on isizam Saha
Padusaha, the lord of the throne of Daulatabad, and Kutupu
Saha Padusaha, (the king) of the Telugu country joining their
armies, both the sides fought stubbornly. It was not possible
either to observe, hear or describe the incidents of the battle.
Several were wounded and killed on both the sides. It is not
possible to mention the number of the soldiers that disappeared.
Nizam Saha Padusaha and Kutupu Saha Padusaha were
glad that they fought well and obtained renown in the great
battle. Among these several people died (in battle). Believing
that God had favoured them on account of the fruit of their
karma they carried them to the rear.J
Then, Alii Yadula oaha Padusaha Kannadajana, and
Vahimana Hulk Padusaha of Tadoradesa. these two, keeping
their armies ready (for battle) remained in their respective
 f.O.M.-p. 198 has,c Then the sepoys attacked each other and fought without
looking behind them for three days.'
f- * and destroyed vast numbers of the enemy 'Ibid, p. 198.
J The sense of this passage in the original is not clear. The translation is only
tentative, cf. I.Q.Af. p. 199- "NiaSm Shah Badsha and Ccotbood ShSh were highly
pleased with the reputation and renown they acquired by the resolution and valour of
their troops displayed opposite the enemy in this glorious contest though earned at the
expanse of much loss of their people, yet they were pleased that God had saved their
reputation and so they carried away the slain to be buried ".
 Vahimana Mult cannot be identined with Imlmana Mulfc, as the latter is said
to have fought along on the side of Nizam Sana, and Kutupu Saha against RSjabhELvara.
It is evident that VShimaaa Mulk who remained -with Yadula 5&a without joining the
battle most be a different person. Could he have been BarSd-ul-Mulk ? Again he is said
to be a man cf T*<&rad&a (cf. LO.M,, p. 198 f Gmdadadasam '>. ' JDetrattu' of the text is
of orwMi ttristake for ' <**/ * but what is TadZra&te ? Could it be a corruption of